The SoPhoto Gallery, it is a professional photographic gallery which is established in September 2011. TheSoPhoto Gallery belongs to the which is a Chinese cultural and geographic photo agency, the agency has more than hundred thousand excellent pictures, and has sighed many photo-graphers from all over the China in order to sell their works to the society. The agency also cooperates with major agencies in Europe and the United States, so that the foreign media able to find what they need about Chinese photos faster and more successfully. The SoPhoto Gallery strives to deliver the best photographic arts to the public, and occasionally provides exhibition opportunities for the photographer who has been sighed with the photo agency. 


Hongjie Ma, Chinese National Geographic photo editor, Fine Art Photographer.

Haoran Ma, Photographic Artist, Printmaking, Photographic Educator.

Huimin Zhang, Fine Art Photographer.

Jinqiang Sun, Documentary Photographer, Members of Chinese Photographers Association.

Yuzhi Wang, Fine Art Photographer.

Rongsheng Zhao, Fine Art Photographer, Members of Chinese Photographers Association.

Yi Song, Freelance Photographic Artist.

Yaqiang Chen, Documentary Photographer.

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