Teng Ma,

Based in Guangzhou and Hong Kong, Teng Ma is a visual artist and fine art photographer who is now absorbed in exploring the boundaries of photography and what lies behind a photograph. Teng works on creating immersive artistic experiences by integrating photography, video, and sound. In the recent work, Teng focuses on the study of the theory from Martin Heidegger, Japanese aesthetics, including Zen, Wabi-sabi, and Miyabi, and the philosophy of Chinese ink wash printing. He investigates the concept of embodiment as it relates to viewers’ sensations, visual, olfactory, and tactual. Teng believes that only when the viewer generates a personal feeling towards an artwork can the artwork be regarded as meaningful to its viewer.


Aug 2019, Dali International Photography Exhibition, Dali, China.

Nov 2018, ‘UMBRA’, London, UK

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