Yunzhi(Dia) Wang,

She is a Los Angeles based Chinese female photographer dedicated to creating visual art that is both aesthetically exquisite and narratively powerful. She devotes herself capturing the emotionally divine moments and pursues to depict the essence of life. Symbolism, isolation, negative spaces are commonly perceived in her practices.

2019, I Was There in Your Shattered and Rosy Dreams, Dali International Photography Exhibition, Dali, China.

2019, Way Back into Time – Cuba 2018, Photo LA, Los Angeles, United States.

2018, Clone Land, Photoville, New York, United States.

2018, Winner of 43rd District Photography Competition, (Photo hung in the California State Capital building), Los Angeles, United States.

2017, Clone Land, Illusion Identity Investigate, Exhibit A Gallery, Los Angeles, United States.

2016, Home Cat Wild Cat, Hangzhou International Design Week, Hangzhou, China.

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