Li Liu,

Independent Photographer, the number of the China Photographers' Association.

Her works are published in the magazines of "China Photography", "People's Pictorial", "Chinese National Geography", "Popular Photography", "Chinese Photographer", "China Photography", "Portrait Photography", "Photography Travel", "People's Photography". The photography topic was released on many media websites such as,, and China Photographers Association.

The photography topic has participated in:

2014 Pingyao International Photography Exhibition, Shanxi Province, China.

2015 Lishui International Photography Exhibition, Zhejiang Province, China

2015 Phoenix Photography Biennale, Hunan Province, China.

2017 Dali International Film Festival, Yunan Province, China.

2017 Guizhou Original Ecology International Photography Exhibition, Guizhou Province, China.

2018 Beijing International Photography Week, Beijing, China.

2019 11th Yangon Photography Festival, Yangon, Myanmar.

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