Ye Tian,

Fine Artist, Photographic Artist, SoPhoto Artist.

Solo Exhibitions:

June 2019 — New Landscape, Influence Space, Henan Province, China.

November 2018 — I saw Mi Fu`s trees in the Kaibao Mountain, Influence Space, Henan Province, China..

November 2017 — Mang, the Art Museum of Beijing Film Academy, Beijing, China.

October 2017 — Question, the Art Museum of Henan University, Henan Province, China.

January 2017 — Kongnawanjing, Luoyang North Shore Space, Henan Province, China.

December 2016 — How Deep is Deep, Kunlun Wangyue Art Museum, Henan Province, China.

November 2016 — Self-healing, Jinan Biennale, Shandong Province, China.

August 2016 — Ying, Nanjing Asked Image Art Space, Jiangsu Province, China.

May 2016 — Blooming is just right, the Right Space, Henan Province, China.

June 2016 — Westbound, Tianshui Biennale, Gansu Province, China.

January 2016 — Uncertain Order, Songshe, Henan Province, China.

March 2014 — Jingmu Sihe, OFoto Gallery, Shanghai, China.

2013 — Deep Surge, Influence Space, Henan Province, China.

2012 — Jingmu Sihe, Lianzhou International Photography Festival, Guangdong Province, China.

2012 — No, Du Space, Henan Province, China.

2011 — Who’s Landscape, Dali International Photography Festival, Yunnan Province, China.

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