Jinqiang Sun,

He mainly concentrates on documentary photography, plus, he is a member of the China Photographers Association, China Folk Photography Association, China Artistic Photography Society, and China Photographers Association Arts Committee, SoPhoto Artist.

In 2016, at the 6th United Nations Chinese List (Chinese Award), President of the UN World People’s Council awarded Sun Jinqiang with the “Humanitarian Award”.

In 2016,Sun Jinqiang also held a “China Guanzhong Shehuo” art culture lecture at Stanford University, and his books Guanzhong Shehuo, Mount Hua and Golden Monkeys each won either silver or gold prizes

at the Benny Awards.
In 2015, the My Home, My Friends – Sun Jinpeng Photo Exhibition was held at the China Pavilion of the Milan World Expo.
In 2014, he traveled to the USA to take part in the Commemorating 35 Years of China-US Diplomatic Relations Chinese Photographers Photo Exhibition, and was awarded the title of “outstanding nature photographer” by the Photographic Society of Los Angeles.
In 2012, his works “Creatures and Nature” and “Guanzhong Shehuo” won the 9th Golden Statue Award for China Photography (Artistic Category).
In 2010, Civilization magazine and fengniao.com collectively listed him as one of their “10 Greatest Chinese Nature Photographers”.
In 2009, his work “The Golden Monkeys of the Qin Mountains” won the 8th Golden Statue Award for China Photography (Artistic Category).

In 2007, his work “The West Peak, Mount Hua” won the 7th Golden Statue Award for China Photography (Artistic Category).
In 2006, the Mount Hua – Sun Jinqiang Scenic Photo Exhibition was held in Los Angeles.
In 2005, the National Art Museum of China held a photo exhibition called Mount Hua, for which his works “China Spirit” and “West Peak Reflected in Snow and Ice” were selected for collection in the museum.

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