Lili Wang,

Documentary Photographer, the numbers of China Photographers' Association.

He was born in a military family in 1952 in Anhui Province. He went to the mountainous area as an educated youth in the village in 1968, and was drafted into the army in 1972. He was transferred to civilian work in 1996.

In 1971 he began to contact with the photography, and joined China Photographers' Association in 1990. In 2002, He obtained the erudite fellow of China folk Photography Association, and won the golden award of Third Henan Photography Exhibition, the nominate of the best publication-Golden-wing Bird in Dali international photography convention, and the first prize in the Annual Humankind Contribution Award in the third International Folk Photography Exhibition.

He also obtained the honorable mentions in the category of Documentary Photography in the National Art Photography Exhibition, and in the whole Army Art Photography Exhibition, and the first prize in the Yunnan Provincial Art Photography Exhibition.

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